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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Three dimensional (3D), real time, dynamic data of building componets, quantities and their properties, managed via a database throughout their life cycle. Now a commercial reality BIM today is at the heart of all major 3D design based software systems.

Contromation places great importance on manging the model database ensuring real time reporting associated with the following;

- Model against design drawing revision historical data.
- Design Drawing receipt historical data.
- Change management historical data.
- Drawing Quantity Reports
- Generation of Bills of Material
- Weld Traceability Reports (Weld Maps)

Contromation ensures that the Bim based Modeling design is translated into a quality product through the production of a BIM based 3D model.

Engineering Risk Mitigation

The BIM based model allows for specific clash and interface checks to be determined utilizing built in features of the software. This automated checking procedure minimises human error that may occur during the drawing and checking process.

In addition the engineering team is able to complete a thorough Risk review when specific checks are executed such as

  • Package Import Clash check
  • Mechanical to Structure fixing checks
  • Mechanical to Structure interface checks
  • Structure to Structure fixing checks
  • Structure to Structure interface checks
  • Area to Area Sectional Checks
  • Elevation Checks

An interactive 3D model allows the engineer or checker, to “fly” through the model, reviewing individual sections of plant, assemblies or components. As this viewer is produced in HTML format, no special software is required, and ensures that the client receives regular updates as agreed. In addition the client may request specific sections of the model on an as required basis.

The 3D model also allows colour coding to specific requirements for parts or assemblies. This allows for customisation of progress reports associated with assemblies during the design, fabrication or erection phases of the project. Progress reports are then generated as well as a graphical HTML model updated, providing a visual guide to the levels of progress.


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