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Global market pressures require managers to source innovative solutions which ensure a competitive edge. Multimedia 3D Animations provide intuitive detail to a level of learning which enlightens clients and motivates employees.

Whether your industry is Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing or Services related, 3D animations provide realistic and accurate visualization, with regard to, Heath, Safety Environmental and Community related activities.

Engineering & Construction

Our animation process is unlike that of most other production companies. As an Engineering and Construction organization, we couple our in-house practical experience, with that of our multimedia animation productions. Where required by our clients, we will complete all necessary Risk reviews and HAZOP/HAZID reviews, ensuring that the engineered product provides both a constructible and maintainable facility, in line with relevant statutory requirements.

Operations and Maintenance

We produce digital operation and maintenance manuals for any specific machines and equipment that your company maintains or manufactures.

Animations convey and demonstrate step by step procedures, cognizant of statutory occupational health and safety requirements. This allows for the inclusion of detail which may be left out of traditional manuals and textbooks due to space constraints.


We provide training CD's to aid you in your education requirements. Simplify the training process, minimise the numbers of personnel required to take out valuable time to train new employees, and save on the printing costs of manuals.

Make training more insightful and relevant with helpful video and animations. Training CD's are also easily updateable, which means you can make changes when procedures are updated or as technological advances change the way we work.


When tendering in today’s global market managers need every possible competitive advantage. More often companies are moving away from 2D material in developing their tender and focusing more on minimizing risk by employing 3D models, coupled to a BIM based database. Our service allows for development of the base 3D model, as well as creating a competitive for our clients by incorporating the developed model into a working animation of the intended facility. Create a fly-through and walk-through, providing a persuasive, visual presentation of your bid.

Corporate CD’s

We design Corporate CD's, which are a cheaper, more viable alternative to printed brochures. Corporate CD's are cheaper to reproduce than brochures, and contain a thousand brochures worth of info. You can reproduce them as required with no capital outlay. No longer limited to mere photos and text, you can include video, animations, sounds, voiceovers and interactive sections to your content. Finally, any changes you need to make can be easily incorporated into the existing design.

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