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Contromation Energy Services strive for and assists with the continuous improvement of Occupational Safety and Health (OS&H) and Risk Management in our own and our client's businesses. Our OS&H and Risk Management services provide our clients with professional expertise in a wide range of specialist areas.

Contromation Energy Services maintain an up to date knowledge base with regard to OS&H and Risk Management practices for all our clients. We constantly keep registered clients informed of changes, which may affect their company systems and processes and OS&H performance.

Contromation Energy Services can also provide various training programs in order to ensure that our clients are well informed in their OH&S responsibilities and know how to identify and manage risk aspects and OH&S specific to there business. Specific training programs based on our clients various needs can also be developed and implemented.

To identify areas of high risk, we work closely with our clients in developing preventative strategies, and designing comprehensive software systems to ensure that our clients risk exposure is controlled and minimised.

We can also provide a phone information service for all our registered clients.

Range of Specialist Risk Management Services

  • Design Risk Reviews
  • Constructibility Risk Reviews
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Construction Risk Assessment Workshop (CRAW)
Additional Specialist OH&S Services Available
  • Professional Qualified OH&S Auditing and Workplace Inspection services - Proactive analysis through risk assessment and system audits
  • Reactive incident analysis - Effective incident investigation using Incident Cause Analysis Method® and TAPROOT® methodologies by a qualified and highly experienced investigator
  • OH&S performance monitoring
  • OH&S Management Systems Development and Implementation
  • OH&S Management Systems Evaluation
  • OH&S Education and Training – Development and delivery
  • Design and implementation of specific OH&S Risk Mitigation Action Plans for Insurance companies in relation to risk mitigation funding reduction programs.
  • For Head Clients and EPCM - Contractor tender evaluation
  • For Contractors - Tender evaluation preparation
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This process involves the identification and review of risks associated with a proposed design based on known data and industry standards or conceptual design which is analysed against a known set of conditions and standards. This process is conducted using a standard set of consistent industry recognised risk assesmnet criteria, which can be modelled to suit individual organisation requirements.

Contromation can provide the following Design Risk Management services:

  • Desktop review of the Basis of Design (BOD) and report preparation.
  • Desktop review of Conceptual Design.
  • Facilitate Risk Review Workshops and prepare risk review analysis and reports.
  • QRA Utilising a Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet QRA model
  • Constructibility Reviews to analyse construction risks associated with the proposed design
  • HAZID facilitation and report preparation

Benefits to your organisation

  • Potentially significant cost savings by making changes at design stage.
  • Saving on costly changes once the design has been installed due to unidentified deficiencies in design and/or design oversights.
  • Client satisfaction and peace of mind that risks have been addressed prior to installation of the design.
  • Significantly mitigate risk exposure to legal and statutory non-compliance issues.
  • Improved efficiencies in the final design outputs.
  • Improved bottom line financial benefits and budget control through improved and/or streamlined design.
  • Scenario and Consequence Analysis permitting option based decision making based on known data and information.
  • Demonstrable compliance with government statutory legal requirements and local laws.

Contromation Energy Services can provide the resources you require to put in place an Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems specifically suite to your business.

You may already have a management system and would it reviewed for effectiveness and currency of information.

No matter what aspect of OH&S Management Systems you would like reviewed or prepared, Contromation Energy Services can assist you to put in place a system or effective improvements to assist your business to operate in a safe and productive manner.

OH&S Management Systems Development

Contromation Energy Services consultant will carry out a detailed review of your business and the associated risks and present a business risk assessment and recommendations for an OH&S Management System to specifically suit your business.

A comprehensive report document will be provided, that details any deficiencies, and will also provide recommendations for improvements.

OH&S Management Systems Review

Contromation Energy Services consultant will firstly carry out a detailed review of your existing OH&S Management System, business activities and the associated risks. From the outcomes of the review Contromation Energy services will present a business risk assessment and recommendations for an OH&S Management System to specifically suit your business.

Comprehensive report document will be provided, containing recommendations for improvements.

Contromation Energy Services can arrange to audit your business or contractors carrying out business on your behalf and also inspect workplaces .

Used properly Auditing is an extremely powerful tool to verify the continued effectiveness and consistent application of a companies management system. Without auditing a company can only assume that all is well in the organisation. Auditing will provide an effective means of verifying that what the companies management intended to occur is actually occurring.

Auditing also provides an opportunity to rectify oversights in the business by putting in place a system  and/or effective improvements to assist your business to operate in a safe and productive manner.

Plan_Do_Check_Act.jpgAuditing and Inspection Services Offered:

  • AS4801and ISO18001 OSH Management Systems
  • Management Systems Implementation Audits
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Contractor Compliance Audits
  • Post Incident Auditing
  • Control Implementation Auditing
  • Workplace Compliance Inspections
  • Workplace Hazard Assessments
  • Contractor Tender Evaluation Audits
  • Construction Site Hazard Inspections

All of the above services can be tailored to suit any originations specific requirements or we can use our own proven effective methodologies.

Compliance Verification - Legislation

Audits are also completed to assess if compliance with appropriate Occupational Safety and Health legislation is being met, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance and subsequent charges being laid against the company or the companies board and management.

If a company is found guilty of negligence in regard to legislative compliance then the door may be opened to expensive litigation by individuals and other companies affected by the non-compliance. By continually auditing  and inspecting workplaces for hazards a company can effectively prove it not only has systems in place, it also regularly verifies the effectiveness of the system. Without auditing a company has little evidence of the verification process to put up an effective defence.

Contromation Energy Services will provide comprehensive reports that the company can use as evidence in any case brought against them in Occupational Safety and Health or Safety in Design compliance with Standards.

Compliance Verification - Contractors

Are your contractors complying with your companies or legislative requirements? If you are considering to award a contract, Is the contractor capable of complying? If not then your company is potentially exposed to expensive litigation, financial losses through damage to plant and equipment and serious injury of  people.

Contromation Energy Services can arrange to have your contractors management systems audited or there workplaces inspected and audited  to provide you with comprehensive management reports.

Contromation Energy Services can also carry out independent  and detailed Contractor Tender Evaluations and audits prior to award of contracts. This service will provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision prior to engaging a contractor. A decision that could be critical to the effective implementation of a project or to mitigate the risk of financial loss or serious injury through the contractors non-compliance.

Workplace Hazard Inspections

Contromation Energy Services can also provide Workplace Hazard Inspections by a qualified and experienced risk management consultant. We can arrange Hazard Inspections of small workplaces, workshops, factories through to large mining, resources and construction projects.

Post Incident Auditing
Unfortunately incidents do at times occur. This will require you to put in place effective means of control to reduce or even better to eliminate the chance of a reoccurrence. Contromation Energy Services can carry out audits of post incident control measures to ensure what was intended to be put in place is in fact put in place and effectively controlling as intended.

Incidents and accidents can cause significant problems and be damaging to an organizations reputation, finances, staff performance and perception of the company.

Progressive companies should and mostly do consider their staff as an important asset to be protected from harm. Not only for the company’s sake, but to also demonstrate to staff, the public and clients that are they important to the company, positive corporate citizenship and to put in place proactive risk mitigation strategies.

However, incidents unfortunately do occur from time to time and reactive strategies need to be deployed to control hazardous situations and to investigate incidents to prevent reoccurrences.

Contromation Energy Services offer incident analysis services through effective incident investigation using the following worldwide industry recognised techniques and methodologies by a qualified and highly experienced investigator.

The technique utilised will be dependent on the clients specific requirements and the depth of investigation required. Investigations reports can be tailored specific to organizations requirements and can also be presented to clients, government regulators and courts as expert witness evidence.

  • Incident Cause Analysis Method®
  • TapRooT®
  • AcciMap Causal Analysis

HSEC Incident Investigation services offered:

  • ICAM® Investigations
  • TapRooT® Investigations  
  • ICAM® operational impact analysis
  • Independent investigation reviews
  • Investigation facilitation
  • Corrective action recommendations
  • Corrective action implementation and implementation audit
  • Expert Witness 

Accident Mapping - ACCIMAP

ACCIMAP is a compilation of accident-related data presented in the context of Rasmussen’s multi-layered structure (1997). Rather than a “cause and effect” process, an ACCIMAP follows the flow of events in the context of influences on decisions across the layers within the whole organization and can extend beyond the organisation into external influences such as governments and other industry.

The data used to populate the ACCIMAP was drawn from Transportation Safety Board aviation accident reports, Pacific Region, between 1996 and 2005. The level of detail in an incident investigation to construct an ACCIMAP is significant and wide reaching.

ACCIMAP was used by Professor Andrew Hopkins of the Australian National University to analyse and map the Longford Gas Plant Explosion in Victoria Australia.

ACCIMAP are populated with the information relevant to the organisation, the findings of the investigation, decisions, acts, human and physical conditions and events leading to the actual incident outcome.

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