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To ensure delivery of a reliable, professional detailing service, Contromation Energy Services invests in latest technology and invests in employee training in order that we maintain and improve our competitive edge in the Mining, Marine, Power, Oil & Gas industries.

The Detailing Process.

From receipt of initial design documentation, whether based upon our own, or our clients engineered product, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural engineering packages are reviewed and formed in to respective work packs. Work packs once compiled, are then registered, controlled and managed via a stringent document management and checking system, throughout the life cycle of the deliverable being detailed.

As a function of the detailing process we place great importance in change management and enforce this via our web based document control system, developed in-house as a collaboration of management and employee experience, as well as being in line with the International Project Management Institute’s guidelines, PMBOK 4th edition.

We fully subscribe to client participation throughout the detailing and review process. Regular updates of live web based models are delivered to the client, providing fly through access to all relevant project detail, without the need for specialised software.

When a client understands the value that a 3D model presents to a projects bottom line, the client will ensure interface and inter discipline checks are executed as part of our service.

This will extend to include importing of third party MEP services, as well as importation of existing site contours and related civil elements, saving the client from expensive and time consuming site rectification costs.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building (project) data during its life cycle. Typically it uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction.

The process produces the Building Information Model (also abbreviated BIM), which encompasses building (project) geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of project components.

Technology and Software.

All our workstations are equipped with high end graphic cards with on board memory and loaded with the latest version of Tekla Structures, fully supported by Tekla International.
Workstations are fully networked with high speed backbone to a dedicated server, ensuring multiple users in a single environment.

Design, installation, setup and maintenance of our system is executed by our own in-house experienced team of I.T. professionals, ensuring trouble free operation


The BIM based model executes an array of user attributes which allows for multiple data inputs, resulting in automated reporting. This ensures that the client is able to review with each issue of deliverables, that latest engineering detail is contained within the deliverable with additional excel based reports as follows;

  • Gross and Nett Tonnage summary reports
  • Profile Procurement Bills of Quantity
  • Bolt & Washer Procurement Bills of Quantity
  • Weld quantity, type and length
  • Gross and Nett Suface area report
  • Erection sequance report


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