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Contromation Energy Services is fully conversant with the development of pre-construction and operations deliverables, in order that an evaluation of a project's viability may be tested and proved, thus ensuring shareholder value.

We actively contribute as a team member, whilst executing assigned responsibilities, cognizant of the need to consider at all times, both Environmental, as well as Health and Safety requirements.

The company’s global foot print, has necessitated that we develop an understanding of various International standards, both for Onshore as well as for Offshore projects.

It is for this reason that the company’s internal systems and processes have developed and are continually “bench marked” against BHP Billiton standards, as the company views BHPB project development processes as one of the highest in standard, employed globally.

Identification Phase Study (Concept) - "The primary objective of an identification phase study is to demonstrate that an investment opportunity is sufficiently attractive to justify the expense of a more detailed study. The identification phase study should establish strategic fit and likely attractiveness of the business case"

Selection Phase study (Pre-feasibility) - "During the selection phase a chosen set of alternatives for the investment opportunity are rigorously reviewed. Following full comparative evaluation of the alternatives, including risk value and risk profile, one preferred go forward alternative can be selected".

Definition Phase Study (Feasibility) - "During the Definition Phase the selected alternative for the investment opportunity is rigorously evaluated. This is required to fully optimise the total life cycle costing and NPV associated with the investment, including finalisation to scope, cost and schedule, as well as defining and assigning appropriate KPI's. From the above a full risk profile is established and the uncertainties associated with the risk profile are clearly defined and are objectively considered within the project execution plan.

The above studies are executed consecutively, and are consistent in approach with regard to approved evaluation techniques.

A common set of elements for which studies are based upon includes;
- Scope (VURS, BOD and SEP 58)
- Value (Capital Cost Estimate and Value Improvement Process)
- Risk (EWRM, H&S, C&E)

"The purpose of this to ensure that the studies are;

- Carried out primarily in accordance with Client minimum requirements for the definition and execution of capital investment opportunities as detailed in the Investment Policy.
- Clearly communicate the minimum required level of definition or maturity expected for an investment opportunity at the end of the Study Phase.
- Prepared with a consistent approach based on agreed evaluation techniques.

Note: the above extract is sourced from the document standards for Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies"

Drawing Conformance

The Company recognises the importance clients place on drawing control and the conformance to drawing specifications.

For example with BHPB Projects, the company engaged Corporate Montague from Perth, Western Australia, to implement proprietary drawing control software, developed specifically for BHPB projects.

DGN Conform interrogates all elements within a drawing, issuing a report status of drawing conformance.

Where clients do not employ proprietary software as defined above, then the company would execute in accordance with the clients drawing specification, or alternatively, in accordance with the company’s drawing procedure.


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